Reviews – What’s The Buzz?



It is impossible to post all of my reviews after 13+ years with this endeavor let alone everything previous during my career as a chef.  So here are comments from only 2 programs and one dinner party host that are absolutely typical and consistent with literally every review I have ever had.  The comments below are from actual patrons attending my programs, in their own words, no editing.  If I did print every review no one should waste that much time reading them.  I have over 19,000 transactions on Ebay so it’s pretty easy to figure out how I conduct my business. 

Tim E.   THUMBTACK Review:

Mike planned and cooked the menu, then coordinated 8 servers at our holiday party in Wicker Park on December 3rd, 2016. We entertained 150+ guests with hand-passed cocktails and appetizers, along with a 15 ft dining room table with everything from smoked salmon to ham. This party, held for the last 20 years, had never never previously received the raves concerning the food and service that this years’ did! He worked with the hosts to tailor a custom menu that paid homage to the favorites from past years (gotta keep the blue-hairs happy!) while at the same updating the menu to rave reviews form those attending. He provided professional, competent staffing who came to the party early, dressed appropriately.

Outstanding in all aspects!
Lots of fun!

Well organized and executed.  Entertaining.  Shared his expertise in a personable way.  Fun.

Fun!  Good sense of humor!  Wonderful treats!

This type of program is very worthwhile.

Yum!  Michael is a lot of fun!

Nicely Informal, Fun!

I learned new decorating ideas.

I learned a lot.  Would not mind seeing him again next year!

It was very good. Informative, funny and just the right amount of time.

Extremely Funny, Knowledgeable presenter.

Great Fun & Great Ideas.

Very Entertaining & Informative.

Very Entertaining & Enjoyable.  Learned some new things.

I truly enjoyed this program.  The chef was personable & funny & interesting!  Wonderful Demo!

Michael was more entertaining than I expected.   His food was delicious

Very informative.

Interesting chef, Good Food

Funny, Sample sizes were wonderful.

Delicious program.  Chef really knows his stuff.  Very articulate.

Chef was very entertaining & knowledgeable.   His credentials were Impressive.

I liked his straightforward attitude

I did not know this was a cooking class.  I was here strictly for the chocolate.  I loved his enthusiasm!

Fantastic personality – interesting presentation

Wonderful.  One of the better programs the library has offered.

Great presentation.  Funny &  Knowledgeable 

This program was awesome. The chef was excellent and funny.

Chef is very entertaining.

Michael was very informative and enjoyable.

Chef was very entertaining! Delish tastings.  Looking forward to more programs with    Chef  Michael.

My favorite library presentation ever! The history was interesting.

It was wonderful! Thanks!

Most enjoyable! Chef Michael very talented —  also good speaker.  Thank you.

Delicious! Great sense of humor by Chef Michael.

I loved the chef & how he was honest in all his answers to our questions. I look forward to more programs like this.

Presenter was very educated and entertaining. Loved the program! (smiley face)

Great speaker and chef! Very Interesting. Thank you!

Very informative.

Michael – You truly outdid yourself. The meal was absolutely amazing. You enhanced Christmas ten fold. I have three stuffing pans left that I will live off of for the next week.