Q. How can I schedule a program?

A.  Thumb through the program selection 1st to get an idea of what I can offer.  Send an email to freecookingprograms@hotmail.com with your inquiry.

Q.  What is the cost?

A.  The charge to the host is customized to the topic, produced food and number of people attending.  Most chefs charge  twice my rates on average.         Which me thinks is nutz!

Q.  Do you need a kitchen?

A.  Usually not.  I travel self contained.  The only basic needs are electrical outlets, access to potable water and banquet tables to prepare and serve from.

Q.  What is included?

A.  Food prepared, disposable service ware, recipes.  Sample portions are always substantial in quantity.

Q.  What do I need to do 1st to set up a program?

A.  Contact me and secure a date.  Topics can be changed easier than dates.

Q.  If you are not Polish, how did you write a Polish Cookbook?

A.  One word at a time of course!

Q.  Why do fish fear your name?

A.  If they don’t end up on a grill or under a sauce I can always fire up my freestyle jet ski and settle things:)

Q.  Why “The Food Mercenary”?

A.  I am paid to prepare and serve food.  That makes me The Food Mercenary.  The “title” is also a parody of chefs that use superficial titles to  inflate their ego and acumen in the kitchen and in public.